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Hey People’s, HDStatusVideos is a website that provides small videos to download and share on social media. Nowadays these kinds of staus videos is trending on social applications. People are using small status videos for their stories on Whatsapp Messenger, Instagram, etc. So we are providing here the collection of these videos freely and easily.

We are not providing private any contents here on HDStatusVideos. All the content shared here is just for sharing not for any other usage or purpose. Content is collected from different social media. No claim for Copy Rights on us for content. If any problems regarding that content then please Contact Us via Email. We will take proper action within a few days and inform you ASAP.

If you are looking for some legal lines here, then let me clear one thing…

This blog/website is a general space or place where we simply provide a collection of some really useful videos for you. We don’t own any kind of copyright on any media served on this HDStatusVideos. All the data is collected from the internet that is openly available on youtube and other similar sources.

If you think you are holding the copyright and want to take down any videos, you can contact us directly and we will proceed with your request within 5 working days. please appeal with some legal forms that help you prove that you are the original content owner.

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